Binance Was Criticised For Launching New Swastika-like Emoji


One of the largest cryptocurrency exchange companies in the world, Binance, launched a new emoticon on Twitter that has a lot of similarities with the symbol swastika. Changpeng Zhao, the CEO of Binance retweeted an original post of Binance on Wednesday and added the new emoji of the company to show it off to the entire world. 

Binance Was Embarrassed For Launching Swastika Emoji On Hitler’s Birthday

Though the original post was deleted after some time, people took screenshots of it and criticized the resemblance of the emoji. Nftshare, the account on Twitter shared this emoji to its 300 followers. However, the post obtained more than 6000 likes and hundreds of users retweeted it.

The majority of the users stated that it looked exactly like a swastika and other Twitter accounts of the crypto community made fun of the gaffe of Binance. There were also some users who figured out that the day the emoji was launched was also the birthday of the famous Hitler. Though people did not believe that the company was making a connection with the party of Nazi, the joke was still on the company. 

Both the posts were taken down by the company as well as Zhao and later on, after eight hours, they posted an apology to the whole world and stated that the emoji will be no longer used by them. Binance let its 8.4 million people know that the error was embarrassing for them. They are shocked that how could the emoji pass these many layers of inspection without the resemblance coming to the forefront. They stated that they have pulled down the emoji and a new one is being designed currently. 

In the views of Bennet Tomlin, the critic of crypto, the team of the logo might not have known about the cultural background and thus have overlooked it. The swastika is a symbol of spirituality and divinity that was used by several ancient East-Asian people.

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