A Tearful Jessie James Decker Comments On Body-Shaming Statements

Jessie James Decker
Jessie James Decker

July 13th was witness to hurt and tearful Jessie James Decker. She took it on herself to revert on the hurtful body-shaming comments that have been passed on her recently. The singer reflected her thoughts over the popular platform, Instagram, about how she received hate about her body and recent gain of weight. 

What Pushed Jessie James Decker To React?

The country singer has explained that she has been bold and confident in her own skin and has been comfortable with not being the perfect example of societal standards of beauty. Jessie claimed that this thread has gotten under her skin, and the page on Reddit, “rips her apart daily”.

There are claims and hate comments about her body, and how she has gained weight. That is not where it stops. The hate has even gone up to accusing her of editing her body and making it look boxy and terrible. 

Jessie James Decker says that these comments affected her, particularly because these started coming in after the point of time she decided to stop obsessing over her body. She says that she works out on a daily basis, but does not skip out on her favorite meals. The artist definitely does not regret doing that!

She further asks the commenters about the kind of message that is being spread. She adds to it by saying that the objective of offending her is accomplished, but the message is unclear. Jessie James Decker says that she had to record the message in the bathroom because she does not want Vivienne, her 7-year-old daughter to know about the incident. 

Jessie further urges the netizens to know and understand that she has feelings, and unkind words do affect her. She knows she is not perfect but it does not a good feeling to be bullied. She stands in solidarity with all people who are subject to bullying every day, day in and day out.