CB Richard Sherman Gets Held Back By Redmont Police Department

Richard Sherman
Richard Sherman

Richard Sherman, former Seahawks cornerback was apprehended in King County, Washington, on early Wednesday morning. The free-agent was held under burglary suspicions and domestic violence. The case, according to the current public records, is a felony attempt. The sportsman furthermore has been denied bail. However, a spokesperson on behalf of the police told the media that the procedure that is considered standard is to hold the accused of domestic violence redacting their bail until they are placed in front of the judge. 

Richard Sherman Held Suspect Against Various Charges

The Police Department of Redmond also revealed that there was another case that was connected to Richard Sherman. Allegedly, there was a hit and run which happens to be connected to the athlete. The hit and run matter is being treated as a DUI and is being investigated accordingly. Although Richard Sherman has not been charged with any criminal activity yet, he has to appear in court. Once the case is accepted by the prosecutor’s office, the athlete would have to be present in court on the afternoon of Thursday. This would mark the judge determining and deciding on probable cause for making an arrest and setting bail if deemed necessary.

A spokesperson on behalf of law enforcement clarified that the arrest was made on basis of the relation of the parties involved, not because of an injury. Police Chief Darrell Lowe confirmed the same and stated that the scenario occurred at Sherman’s in-law’s place. According to him, there was a cordial conversation that heated up and turned confrontational.

Sherman is a 33-year-old man, who is a 10-year old NFL career athlete. He has spent seven seasons playing with the Seahawks. Following that he signed with the San Fransisco 49ers. Post his 3-year contract, he was released by the club and is currently a free agent. He is yet to join a new team for the upcoming 2021 season.