Elon Musk revealing Hunter Biden Files Said It Will Be Great

Hunter Biden
Hunter Biden

Elon Musk is stirring up controversy in a new way, this time by disclosing private internal Twitter discussions with Hunter Biden’s digital data in the winter of 2020.

The platform’s current buyer, a software billionaire, continued to guide it in a path more favored to libertarians and conservative on Friday night by promoting a leak of papers on his personal account. Earlier this year, Musk encouraged his supporters to support Republicans in the midterms. After conducting an unofficial online referendum last month, he restored ex – president Trump’s Twitter account.

The organisational conversations, which precede Musk’s ownership, shed light on the discord and confusion that existed within Twitter during the last days of the previous campaign for president as it dealt with the New York Post’s revelation on Hunter Biden.

Musk Revealed The Hunter Biden Files Was Great:

The messages, which were provided to Matt Taibbi, a writer for Substack as well as a longtime opponent of news organizations and online restrictions, have not been independently authenticated by POLITICO. Parts of a leak were revealed by Taibbi in a lengthy thread on Twitter on Friday night.

Hours prior the incident broke out, Musk previewed it in Taibbi’s tweets, saying, “This will be fantastic,” and implying he was intimately involved inside its planning.

The right has assumed the mantle of freedom of speech inside this current cultural wars, whereas the center as well as left have been using worries about misinformation and inciting hatred to advocate for tighter restrictions on online expression. By his lax attitude to regulation since taking over Twitter in Oct, Musk has won over the right while enraging the left.

The businessman tweeted last week, “This is vital to reestablish public trust,” indicating that he would reveal information concerning Twitter’s participation in stifling the New York Post’s articles.