Aquaman- King Of Atlantis


Copper Andrews, the American actor from one of the most popular American television series, The Walking Dead, is switching to be Aquaman. It is a new mini-series that is to be aired over the streaming channel, HBO Max. The name of the show is “Aquaman: King of Atlantis.” It is an animated series that is to come in a total of three parts. The production house behind the new show is Warner Brothers Animation. The executive producer of the show is James Wan. 

Andrews As Aquaman

Cooper Andrews will be behind the voice of the Aquaman in the series. The trilogy is to air on the 14th of October. The actor previously played the much-loved character of Jerry. He joined from season 7 of the zombie apocalypse world show in the year 2016. The actor became a part of the DC franchise for the first time ever in the year 2019. That was when he acted in the movie, Shazam. The DC movie aired in the year 2019. He plays the role of Victor Vasquez. The sequel is to air in the year 2023. It will be released by DC Films and Warner Brothers.

The cast of the upcoming series Aquaman, includes Thomas Lennon, the American actor as the mentor, Vulko, Gillian Jacobs, the American actress, who plays the role of the warrior princess, Mera, and the role of the half-brother of Aquaman is played by Dana Snyder, the American actor. Jason Momoa is to reprise his role as the lead character in the movie, “Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom.”

It is to be aired in the year 2021. Sarah Aubrey, the original content head of HBO Max, gave a statement on the upcoming Warner Brothers’ mini-series. She stated that this show was one of the most favorite among the fans. And that it was embedded with popular characters.