DeSantis’ Victory On Mask Mandates

Florida Covid Records
Florida Covid Records

The lawyers of Ron DeSantis, the governor of the state of Florida, had filed for an emergency appeal with regard to the mask mandates in the state. One of the judges had given a ruling on Wednesday stating that the mask ban that was enforced in the state under the governor, was to be stopped. Following the emergency appeal, the 1st District court of the state gave a ruling stating that the mask mandates that were introduced in the schools, had to be followed.

DeSantis’ Mandate

According to the newly given ruling as well as the documents derived from the court, the requirements of the local schools remain blocked. The rulings take place in the midst of the ongoing battle between the state under the governor belonging to the Republican Party, Ron DeSantis, and a few districts of local schools.

The origin of the problem is the importance of masks in schools in order to contain the spread of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic in the country. Previously, a judgment was given by John Cooper, a “Second Circuit Judge”  stating that the schools of the state could institute using masks. This came against the decision of the state governor Ron DeSantis. The decision was given in the month of August this year

John Cooper had claimed that the 42-year-old Republican governor had gone out of his jurisdiction when he issued an order stating that it was the choice of the parents to decide on whether their kids should be masked or not. This order was executed in the month of July this year. Governor Ron DeSantis had directed the Education Department of the state to do so. They also made the threat claiming that in violation of the executive order, the funding would be withheld by the state officials. However, a total of 13 school districts still implemented it. Defying the governor. 

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