Mitt Romney Would Go For Democrat Candidate Over Trump

Mitt Romney
Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney has indicated that he would prefer a Democrat candidate if it came to choosing between his arch-political rivals and Donald Trump. The Utah Republican Senator even went on to say that any Democrat candidate would be an ‘upgrade’ over his party’s former president.

Replying to a question, Mitt Romney said that he would gladly back any other Republican, though he would prefer not to back Vivek Ramaswamy. However, he found the other Republican candidates acceptable. But he opined that he would always prefer any Democrat candidate if it came to choosing between them and Trump.

Mitt Romney said that they would always be preferable to Donald Trump or even President Joe Biden. The senior senator and former GOP presidential nominee believes that Trump’s return to power would be a disaster for the US. But he conceded that he represented only a tiny fraction of the Republican Party.

Mitt Romney Says He Gets Along Well With The Democrat President

Mitt Romney said he was at a loss to comprehend how people could accept the lies Trump uttered and the dishonesty he represents. He has consistently been a vocal critic of the controversial Republican leader. But he acknowledged that he has the most support at the moment. Romney said that he had no other option but to back his team, the Republicans. He said that he would cheer for his team and say that they believe in whoever wins the Republican primary.

Mitt Romney also spoke about President Biden and referred to him as an engaging and charming person. He said that he got along well with the Democrat president. He said that though they did not share the same. He said that President Biden had committed several major mistakes during his tenure. He said that he would prefer someone else to as the presidential candidate in 2024.