Kristi Noem: Transgenders Banned From Girls And Women’s Sports By South Dakota Republican Governor

kristi noem
kristi noem

The Governor of South Dakota Kristi Noem has signed the first trans-sportsperson ban of 2022 into law. She had earlier issued orders prohibiting Trans-women and Trans-girls from competing in female sports teams in South Dakota.

South Dakota becomes the 10th state nationwide to move from a bill to a law on this contentious issue. Kristi Noem said that the bill l had been welcomed by many people who deem it to be a significant priority.

At the news conference following the signing of the bill, Kristi Noem said that she was appreciative of the fact that the girls put in years of hard work, their tears, and sweat, and get an opportunity to have equal rights and opportunity. This would ensure success for women’s sports in South Dakota, she said.

An identical bill was vetoed by Kristi Noem last March as she had then believed that the bill would not stand in court. That same month, she had issued a couple of executive orders restricting participation rights to people who were deemed female during birth.

LGBTQ Advocates Allege That Kristi Noem Has Used This Issue To Strengthen Shrinking Voter Base

LGBTQ activists say that conservative politicians are raking up similar cultural issues and using that as an excuse to shore up their dwindling base before the midterms.

Supporters of bans on trans-sports have said that they protect women in sports. Most bills bar trans-athletes from participating in teams at schools and colleges.

The law passed by Kristi Noem applies to every state-accredited education institution. They include both private and public schools. if it is deemed that a student and the corresponding boards suffered as a result of the violation of the law, the law will go after the government entity, school, association.

Supports of the bill pushed through by Kristi Noem say that trans-women and trans-girls get an unfair advantage over normal women.

But advocates for transgender say that this has not been an issue from the start. A questionnaire sent to several lawmakers did not lead to the conclusion that trans-inclusion could lead to a problem in sports teams.

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