GOP Representative Adam Kinzinger Calls Marjorie T. Greene Insane

adam kinzinger
adam kinzinger

Adam Kinzinger tore into party colleague Marjorie Greene for suddenly projecting herself as a victim. She represented herself as a poor and helpless congresswoman every time she is confronted about her role in the Capitol riots. The Illinois Representative said that he would like to interrogate Greene for her role in the Capitol riots under the January 6 House Committee inquiry into the deadly riots that led to at least five deaths.

Adam Kinzinger said that though he is privy to some information, he would prefer not to speak about it. Greene is a first-time Representative and a firm believer in the conspiracy theory and also an active advocate of QAnon. This conspiracy theory believes that the American government is controlled by Satan worshipers and pedophiles.

Adam Kinzinger Said That He Would Like To Question Marjorie Greene

Adam Kinzinger said that he would want to ask Greene a number of questions about some text messages. Greene is said to have told Mark Meadows, the then Chief of Staff at the White House about Republican congressmen who were behind Trump’s attempt to announce martial law and prevent Biden from assuming office after the 2020 elections.

Greene recently said that she had been a casualty of the violence on January 6, 2021, carried out by Trump’s supporters and which was orchestrated by Donald Trump from his office.

Adam Kinzinger remarked that it was amazing that Greene was claiming that she too was a victim. He further noted that people like her attacked others for projecting themselves as a victim.

Adam Kinzinger said that each time she was confronted, Greene was transforming herself into a poor and helpless congresswoman. He said that history would not judge such people favorably.

Kinzinger hoped that the then VP Mike Pence would testify before the House Committee voluntarily. Pence was attacked by the reporters for not toeing the line when it came to upturning the result of the examination.