Adam Kinzinger Sees Positive Development In January 6 Investigation

adam kinzinger
adam kinzinger

Representative Adam Kinzinger has spoken of positive developments from the investigation carried out by the Select Committee into the Capitol riots, the insurrection, and the conduct of Trump and his closest allies leading to the fateful day.

The move taken by the Justice Department to bring two of the top aides of Mike Pence, the then vice president in front of the federal grand jury is by far the most visibly aggressive step taken by prosecutors that are looking into the plot to subvert the presidential election. It indicates that the investigation is closer to former President Trump’s inner circle.

Adam Kinzinger Has Said That Things Finally Moving After 18 Months

Adam Kinzinger mentioned that there was some obvious interest in the latest development. He said that he personally had to go through a lot of frustrating moments in the last year and a half since the investigations started. He said that developments had led to questions about the progress that the Dept. of Justice and the Select Committee were making on the case.

Adam Kinzinger said that while the Select Committee’s investigation was not a criminal one, it has revealed facts that the DOJ was closely monitoring. He said that along with that development, the search warrants that have been issued as part of the investigation, and other allied developments, it is apparent that things are finally moving in a positive direction.

Adam Kinzinger added that the developments are moving forward and the revelations would be positive for America, even though it might be tough in the immediate future.

The inclusion of Marc Short makes the former aide to VP Mike Pence the highest-profile witness who has testified in the criminal investigation into the Capitol attack.

Adam Kinzinger said that they did have details of the questions Short faced or what the DOJ at present is focusing on. He would only say that he was confident that the investigation was running in the right direction.