Marc Short Says Florida Rep. Will Be Jailed For Child Trafficking

Marc Short
Marc Short

Marc Short, the former aide of Vice President Mike Pence, has said that Matt Gaetz will likely be in jail for child sex trafficking. His retaliation indicates a growing fissure in the Republican camp.

Marc Short defended the former Vice President against attack by Representative Matt Gaetz, saying Matt Gaetz would not have any impact on whether Pence wince the 2024 Presidential election.

He said that Gaetz should instead worry about heading to prison soon as a federal probe is on against him for having sex with underage girls and also for child sex trafficking.

This is the latest slugfest between Republicans loyal to Trump and against him. It signals a growing split right down the middle for the party.

Marc Short Attacked Gaetz After The Embattled Rep. Made Disparaging Remarks About Pence

Matt Gaetz, ever the showman, had made disparaging remarks about the qualification of the former VP. He announced that America was proud to be ultra-MAGA.

Gaetz claimed that Pence could never be the president. But Marc Short brushed off the insults and instead hit back at Gaetz. He said that whatever Pence decides was not an issue. He said that Gaetz should instead worry about going to prison for child sex trafficking by 2024. He said he was surprised the law enforcement authorities in Florida had allowed him to speak at a teenage conference despite charges of sex offenses against him.

Marc Short’s comments are particularly surprising as senior Republicans have been supportive of the sex offender, Gaetz. Trump has even privately autographed a copy of the article on Gaetz’s scandal and wrote encouraging words for the Representative.

The attack by Short speaks of a growing rift between Trump and Pence. There is an indication that he could run for the top job in 2024. This would put him on a direct collision course with Trump, his ex-boss.