Adam Vinatieri Ends His Career As The All-Time Leading Scorer!

Adam Vinatieri
Adam Vinatieri

The most decorated and all-time leading scorer of the NFL, Adam Vinatieri retires from the NFL. After playing 4 Super Bowls in a span of 24 seasons, Adam Vinatieri finally announced his retirement on Wednesday. He turned 48 this year. The former kicker of Indianapolis Colts and England Patriots broke this news about his retirement to a former kicking specialist of the Colts on the show of Pat McAfee. 

Adam Vinatieri Was An Influential Player In Launching The Dynasty Of The Patriots

In 1996, Adam Vinatieri joined this league by debuting for the England Patriots. The all-time leading scorer of the NFL managed to play a total of ten seasons for the club that included Belichick and Tom Brady along with him in the attacking lineup of the team. He won a total of 3 Super Bowls with the Patriots. While securing a victory against the Rams inside the competition of Super Bowl 36, Adam Vinatieri managed to kick field goals which won the game for his team in 2 Super Bowls. While playing in the game between the Patriots and the Raiders, Vinatieri converted two field goals which were critical in the victory of the Patriots.

With that victory in the similar postseason, the Patriots advanced to the championship game of the AFC. Amid heavy snow and swirling winds, Vinatieri converted a field goal from 45 yards inside the last minute of the game to force the match into overtime. Around 2 seasons later, Adam managed to score again inside the championship of the Super Bowl. In the match against the Carolina Panthers, which remained undecided at 29-29, Belichick called on Adam Vinatieri with only 9 seconds remaining on the clock to emerge victorious in the game.