Money Manager Of Bill Gates Allegedly Used Sexist And Racist Remarks!

Bill Gates
Bill Gates

Michael Larson, the money manager of Bill Gates and the owner of Cascade Investments has been alleged of making sexist and racist remarks. The man who managed the majority of the wealth of Bill Gates, billionaire, has been accused by staff of making racist remarks, sexist comments, and showing nude photos of women. This is according to the report made by N.Y. Times. 

Several Former Employees Of Cascade Investments Have Blamed The Money Manager Of Bill Gates

The newspaper after making an exhaustive investigation stated that the money manager of Bill Gates and the owner of Cascade Investments, Michael Larson. Has created an environment of fear for the staff while abusing his employees. The sole function of Cascade Investments is to hold and manage the wealth of Melinda Gates and Bill Gates, both of whom have converted their money into an umbrella of universal philanthropy.

The rumors are that the couple has decided to get divorced. However, both Bill Gates and Melinda Gates have promised to resume their work consistently at their foundation. On 3rd May, French Gates tweeted that while they don’t see a possibility of remaining together for the rest of their lives, they will continue to do philanthropy at their foundation because they both believe in this mission. 

The petition of the divorce of the couple mentioned that their marriage has grown to be “irretrievably broken”. The text also mentions that they have already inked their separation contract with the necessary contention points. However, the couple has not managed to avoid press scrutiny like on the behavior of Bill Gates and his relationship with Jeffrey Epstein, disgraced financier! The newspaper revealing the interview of various former employees of Cascade Investments has reported that Michael Larson used to judge female employees based on their beauty and attractiveness, made sexually suggestive and inappropriate comments, and showed nude pictures of women to his colleagues on many occasions.