Ron DeSantis Turns Against The President

Ron DeSantis
Ron DeSantis

Ron DeSantis has always been known to be a critic of Joe Biden. The two powerful politicians have gone to one another several times. DeSantis has once again decided to go after Biden’s policies. The Florida Governor has ordered the stoppage of the federal immigration policies. Biden has recently laid out the plans of Immigration and ways to deal with undocumented immigrants. He has asked all his state agencies to stop promoting or assisting the execution of the policies. Let us learn more about the incident below. 

Ron DeSantis Opposes Immigration Policies

Ron DeSantis is a Republican leader. He is aiming to contest for the role of US President in 2024.  The ratio between him and Biden has always been bitter. He has always opposed laws laid down by the government of Joe Biden. One of the most controversial decisions taken by DeSantis is the reluctance to covid mandates. When the whole of America was imposed under a shutdown, Florida enjoyed normal life. This was done predominantly due to DeSantis’ orders. 

Ron has now taken offense with the recently developed Immigrants Policies. He has dismissed the policies as Inhumans. The State of Florida has already filed a suit against the policies. It stated that the US government is allowing migrants without any documents to enter freely. The suit is yet to be heard in a court of law. 

Ron DeSantis termed the developments in the south as disastrous. DeSantis went on to say that according to the executive law, Florida will not provide any of his agencies aid to the federal government. The federal government was approached for a reaction on the matter. However, no official comments have been provided by the administration of Joe Biden.