Nancy Pelosi Announces Events To Mark 6 Jan Riot

Nancy Pelosi
Nancy Pelosi

Nancy Pelosi, the House Speaker for Congress, on Thursday published a series of events at the US Capitol that would take place next week. It would be a significant event to commemorate the anniversary of the riot on the 6th of January.

The schedule, as it has been announced, will include the testimonials of the legislators, a prayer vigil with several members of the Senate, along with a panel discussion with historians Doris Kearns Goodwin, and Jon Meacham to preserve and establish the narrative of the events on the 6th of January. 

Nancy Pelosi Has Prepared The Itinerary Of The Event 

In a letter sent by Nancy Pelosi to colleagues, she stated that the events were intended as an observance of remembrance, reflection, and recommitment- which would all be encompassed in a spirit of patriotism, unity, and prayerfulness. With the House currently not in session this week, almost all of the anniversary events would be live-streamed. 

Rep. Jason Crow, the Democratic representative from Colorado would be leading the session that would reflect on the events from the point of view of the legislators when most of the members of Congress and their aides were holed inside the Capitol as a furious mob of the former President’s supporters stormed the building. Most federal prosecutors have filed the charges against hundreds of people accused of taking a part in the assault- as reported by Nancy Pelosi. 

According to Nancy Pelosi, the House committee that has been investigating the riot has increased its probe into the events that led up to and included the 6th of January, which has led them to issue subpoenas to numerous allies of Donald Trump. As of now, Trump has been waging a battle against the committee to block the release of the records of the White House.