Kelsey Parker Mourning The Loss Of Her Husband

kelsey parker

Last year on this day The Wanted singer Tom Parker’s death shocked the world. The world was unaware of his health condition. He was diagnosed with glioblastoma in 2020. Everyone got to know about this when Kelsey Parker shared a post on Instagram for him. The world not only lost a singer but also a son and a soulmate.

Kelsey Parker Did Not Expect To Reach Widow Phase So Soon

Parker is just 33 years old and it’s been a year already since Tom Parker’s demise. Last year she has lost her soul mate and best friend to Glioblastoma. She recently posted on Instagram remembering him. The post was emotional which made many fans and other celebrities weak.

Parker wrote how tom was the center of their world. The photo was taken when Kelsey Parker was pregnant. Tom left two children alone. She misses him every day.

Tom and Kelsey got married in 2018. They gave birth to Arelia rose, who is a three-year-old beautiful daughter. And Bodhi Thomas, a two-year-old son. Kelsey Parker mentioned both of them in her post. It has been hard to survive without him, it was unbelievable at first to imagine their life without him.

Tom Parker had an energetic aura, his smile was infectious. Kelsey Parker thanked everyone who was there for her during the difficult time. She is very proud of him for fighting till the end.

Parker expressed how she misses having him around. The most heartbreaking part is she used to ask him what they should have for dinner. She misses bossing around the house with chores. She misses her best friend, and even the argument now feels soothing for her. Kelsey Parker is trying to stay positive even though things are getting hard every day. She still wishes for just one hug.