Addison Rae Debut Trailer Out Now

Addison Rae
Addison Rae

Addison Rae has been spotted in a new trailer. Rae is all set to step foot in the entertainment industry. Rae was a long-time influencer. She was a famous personality in Tiktok. The new trailer of her movie was really good. The trailer was dropped on Netflix. The title of the film was “He’s All That”.

Addison Rae Shows Up In New Trailer

The trailer for the newest release on Netflix was out. The film “He’s All That” starred Addison Rae. The other lead was revealed as Rachel Leigh Cook. The movie was speculated to be inspired by the film “She’s All That”. 

The trailer had some new characters introduced. It portrays Padgett Sawyer as an influencer and a school student. She would go on to take the responsibility for Cameron and transform him into the best of the males. Another new face we got was Rachel Leigh Cook. She was playing the role of Padgett’s mother. 

A quick moment of tribute was also spotted in the trailer. Mathew Lilliard was one of the cast in the original 1999 version. He was spotted for a few moments in the trailer. We also caught a glimpse at Kourtney Kardashian. She appeared for a cameo role of Easterling’s friend. 

Easterling seemed to be very excited about working with Kardashian. She expressed her joy while speaking with a renowned newspaper. Cook also heaped praises on Easterling. She termed her very sweet. 

Cook has mentioned a very interesting point about working with Addison Rae. She stated that the biggest surprise was when she saw no one was quite invested in their phone. All of them actually took a real liking to their work. Cook also praised them for their sincerity and the way they loved their work.