The 49ers Matchup With The Colts Might Be Windy And Disgustingly Wet

Jimmy Garoppolo
Jimmy Garoppolo

The matchup between the 49ers and the Colts on Sunday presents the audience with a competition that is lacking anything interesting. Nature has planned to spice things up in that situation.

The weather forecast for Santa Clara for this weekend suggested that there might be a heavy rainstorm along with loads of precipitation and high-velocity winds. A recent report on this same subject has indicated that the cause of this storm is quite unordinary and research has shown that the storm that might affect the 49ers game is a rare one.

The Atmospheric River Will Affect The 49ers Game Massively

Termed as an atmospheric river, a long and narrow collection of water vapor has organized in the sky and has built the setting for a cyclone. It is an event that causes storms. It does not dissipate quickly and focuses on the areas falling on the storm’s path.

This upcoming storm is predicted to be on the stronger side of the scale with 60% chances of heavy rainfall along with gusty winds. The 49ers vs The Colts will surely be a disgustingly cold game compared to one that is aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

The storm and the conditions that are creating it, are not unusual to this area as stated by Brooke Bingaman. He works at the National Weather Service and stated that this sort of scenario played out earlier this year at the end of January. The timing of this storm seems to be an abnormality.

He added that such storms are common during the wet seasons of December, January, and February. The last time that this area got so much rainfall in October was in 2016, prior to that was in 2009. This was approximately 5 years before the 49ers played at the Levi’s Stadium.