Anthony Blinken Will Visit China In Upcoming Weeks

Antony Blinken
Antony Blinken

Anthony Blinken, the United States of America’s Secretary of State is all set to travel to China and hold bilateral meetings with the Chinese government in the coming weeks. Blinken’s visit to China is an indication of resolving key ties between the two nations, as relations were tensed over the years due to Chinese and US stances on various geo-political situations that developed in recent times.

Blinken was scheduled to visit China in February, however, the discovery and shooting down of a Chinese spy balloon by the US military had held off his visit. President Joe Biden had vehemently condemned the Chinese espionage attempt, as the spy balloon was found floating in US airspace. This incident put stress on US-China relations.

Another point of major tiff is Chinese aggression on Taiwan, as China wants to incorporate the island nation into its territory, which to is opposed by the US. Blinken’s visit aims at soothing US’s relations with China. Vedant Patel, deputy spokesperson of the State Department however, when asked about Blinken’s China visit, stated that there are no announcements for the Secretary of State, and his visit to China will conveniently be rescheduled.

China & US Held Constructive Dialogue Ahead Of The Visit By Blinken

According to the statements of both the US and China, after Director General Yang Tao, of the North American and Oceanian Affairs Department, and Ma Zhaoxu the Vice Foreign Minister of China met with Assistant Secretary of State Daniel Kritenbrink, for East Asian and Pacific Affairs along with Nicholas Burns, the US Ambassador for China, both nations had productive, candid and constructive communications. This is an indication of Chinese interest in establishing better ties before Blinken visits Beijing for diplomatic dialogue concerning bilateral relations and partnerships.