Al Gross Will Not Compete For Atlanta Elections

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Al Gross is one of the biggest names in the American political circuit. He has been one of the biggest pillars of American politics and has had a significant contribution to structuring the political scenario of America. Gross was supposed to be contesting for the upcoming Atlanta elections. He was cited as an independent candidate for the election. However, the politician has taken one of the most surprising decisions in recent times.

He stated that he will not be appearing in the elections. After dropping out of the upcoming Atlanta elections, he extended his support to a couple of women who were natives. Gross stated that he will be backing Tara Sweeney from the Republican Party and Mary Peltola, who is the candidate for the Democratic party. In a recently made statement, Al Gross said that he found it very difficult to run for the elections. He stated that one of the major drawbacks for him was that he was a nonpartisan candidate. He stated that he hopes that Alaska will be in safe hands. Gross has also prayed for a bright future of the state. Let us learn more about the story in detail below. 

Al Gross Pulls Out Of Atlanta Elections 

Al Gross will not be contesting the Atlanta elections. He stated that two of the most competitive and capable politicians are currently running for the post. Gross stated that he is sure that either of the two women will take Alaska to greater heights in the future. The politician also thanked his supporters for their constant support. 

Al Gross said that he is happy to sit out and watch the results of the elections. The media immediately contacted the representatives of Gross for a reply. However, no response has been officially made till now. 

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