Alabama Transgender Ban On Treatment Challenged In Multiple Lawsuits

alabama transgender ban
alabama transgender ban

Families of transgender teens have filed suits against the Alabama transgender ban in federal courts this Monday. They have sought the overturning of the law that brands it a criminal offense for medical specialists to treat transgender people under 19 years old with hormones or puberty blockers to help them affirm their sex identity.

The twin lawsuits have been filed by a couple of families each, and physicians treating the children. They pose a stiff legal challenge to the legislation that was signed by Kay Ivey, the Republican Governor of Alabama.

The legal director of ACLU, Alabama, Tish Faulks said that transgender youths are an integral part of the community. They should have the same right to treatment, privacy, and data-supported health care that they might require from qualified medical professionals, the same as any other residents of Alabama deserve.

Faulks further said that politicians are deriving benefits from the Alabama transgender ban and are making children political pawns in their election campaigns. Governor Ivey and other legislators are facing primary elections next month.

The Alabama transgender law will be effective next month if it is not blocked by the courts. The law makes it a felony for any medical specialist to prescribe hormones or puberty blockers to support the transition of any youth below 19. Violations can invite a 10-year jail term.

Alabama Transgender Ban Unnecessary Legislative Intrusion Into Medical Domain: Medical Experts

The Alabama transgender ban is also against surgeries to aid gender transition. But doctors have said that such surgeries are never performed on youths and minors in the state.

Medical professional Dr. Morissa Ladinsky said that there has been an unprecedented political and legislative intrusion into medical practice of late. She said that never before had legislative interference come into the pediatric domain and shut down the voice of parents in a medical decision that should be between the parents, their child, and the doctor.

The Alabama transgender ban was signed on Friday by Governor Ivey, one day after the Alabama legislature approved it. The governor referred to religion when she was asked about the decision, ignoring the fact that America is not a theocratic state and religion should have no say in the political and administrative decisions.