Alana Springsteen Finds The 20s Intimidating

alana springsteen

20s are usually tempting and intimidating. Alana Springsteen is in her early 20s. She is living it all. However, she is facing the roller coaster ride on stage. Performances are healing her breaking her at the same time. She is getting to know herself every day. Every gig is equally challenging and transforming. Her journey as a country singer and songwriter just started and is already successful. She said it does get overwhelming sometimes.

Alana Springsteen Chose To Brace Every Twist And Turns

She is 22 years old and experiencing life at its best. Alana Springsteen is definitely aware of how life has been treating her so far. She finds all these changes overwhelming and scary. A music career is not only amazing but can be scary too, given other celebrities’ personal experiences.

The 20s can be a rough patch and Alana Springsteen is in her early 20s just. She has seen the world and evolving herself every day. Every gig brings a new type of experience. Good and evil both are coming hand in hand. She said the past two years have been an eye-opener for her. She is exploring herself, trying to find the real Alana Springsteen and what she wants.

Alana Springsteen’s new song Messing It Up is all about the mistakes and missteps she has taken. She had to learn this the hard way everyone is different. Perhaps everyone makes mistakes and not perfectly. That is also fine.

Her album name precisely “Twenty Something” reflects the life of every teenager and 20s person, who is struggling to make everyday counting, fighting with themselves to find meaning in their life. Like every other girl, Alana Springsteen did fall for the wrong guys, and most of her mistake was a matter of the heart. Thus those heartbreaks served as the best inspiration for writing songs and motivation in life.