Alaska GOP Governor Has Accepted Endorsement Of Trump

Donald Trump
Donald Trump

Mike Dunleavy, the Alaska GOP Governor, recently accepted the endorsement of Donald Trump which definitely had several conditions attached. One of them stated that the governor wouldn’t be endorsing Senator Lisa Murkowski in her bid for reelection. This was issued by the former President in a statement on the evening of Thursday when he stated that Dunleavy, who was currently running for a second term as the governor of the largest state in the country, had gone ahead and accepted the endorsement placed before him.

Trump’s Endorsement Of Alaska GOP Governor Has Conditions 

The Alaska GOP Governor Dunleavy also left a statement thanking the former President for his endorsement. Also, with regards to some other issues that could have cropped up which includes the bid for endorsing Senator Murkowski, Dunleavy stated that the President didn’t have to worry anything for he appreciated everything Trump had done for Alaska and the country- by large.

In a statement of how much power he still wielded in the Republican Party, Trump put up a stipulation on his endorsement of the Governor, which indicated that he could not back the reelection bid of Murkowski for 2022. 

This stipulation for the Alaska GOP Governor makes sense when it comes to light that Murkowski had been one of the seven senators who had voted to convict the previous President on impeachment charges for the role he had played in inciting the Capitol Riots on the 6th of January. As it stands, Murkowski was the only Senator currently facing reelection who had voted in favor of conviction. 

Trump went on to announce the condition of the endorsement of the Alaska GOP Governor, further explaining that while he supported the governor, his endorsement would be completely null and void if Dunleavy were to endorse Murkowski for her reelection. In a statement made on Thursday, Trump stated that Murkowski was a disaster waiting to hit the state of Alaska.