The Semifinals Of Gold Cup Sees Canada Defeated By USMNT As Turner Saves 2 Penalties

Gold Cup
Gold Cup

Matt Turner is the goalkeeper for the United States team and he made 2 stellar penalty saves during the semifinal match of the Gold Cup. The semifinals were held on the 10th of July, Monday between Canada and USMNT where the former was defeated with an edging score of 3-2. B. J. Callaghan is the interim coach for the US team and after winning the match, he mentioned that Matt Turner always manages to edge over in the bag matches. Callaghan further added that Turner joined the USMNT team prior to their Jamaica match and soon took over the position of captaincy and has been leading the team from the front. Even during this Gold Cup semifinal, Turner made a huge impact by saving two crucial penalties that helped the team win and move forward. 

Gold Cup Semifinale Fires Up 

The United States team conceded 1 single goal during the 3 previous matches during the group stages. On the other hand, the Canadian side managed to score 2 goals on Sunday night against them within the first 90 minutes of the game. Turner was beaten by Steven Vitoria in a penalty followed by Jacob Shaffelburg’s second score after the 108th minute. 

USMNT vs Canada Game At An Edge 

The two scores by Canada were soon equaled by the US in the 115th minute of the Gold Cup semifinal. In addition, Turner also took his revenge for Vitoria’s score by preventing him from scoring his penalty. 

Turner later said that he had prepared himself well for penalty shootouts where he went through sheets. Finally, he followed his instincts which most often results in success. This USMNT side reached the semifinals of the Gold Cup for the 12th consecutive time. They will now face Panama on Wednesday.

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