Boston Celtics’ Cloud Transformation: A Game-Changing Analytics Evolution


In a bid to revolutionize their basketball analytics approach, the Boston Celtics, a 78-year-old NBA franchise, embarked on a significant journey into the realm of cloud technology. Spearheaded by CTO Jay Wessland, the Celtics transitioned from traditional on-premises infrastructure to the dynamic capabilities offered by Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Boston Celtics and Cloud Technology

The transformation was catalyzed by the burgeoning era of big data, which was gradually seeping into the fabric of professional sports. Wessland, who joined the team in 1990, witnessed the evolution from basic data collection on courtside computers to the sophisticated analytics landscape of today. Recognizing the pivotal role of technology in modern sports, Wessland’s appointment as CTO in 2016 underscored the organization’s commitment to technological advancement.

The decision to embrace cloud computing was not merely a matter of convenience but a strategic imperative in staying competitive both on and off the court. By migrating to AWS in 2017, the Celtics embarked on a transformative journey marked by rapid adaptation and continuous refinement.

The migration unfolded in four distinct phases, each addressing key challenges and unlocking new opportunities. From the initial lift-and-shift to the adoption of serverless containers and leveraging advanced AWS features, the Celtics navigated a complex terrain with precision and agility.

Beyond enhancing basketball analytics, the cloud transformation facilitated broader organizational objectives, including enterprise analytics and IT infrastructure optimization. By embracing a multi-account structure within AWS, the Celtics achieved greater visibility, efficiency, and security across diverse business functions.

Today, armed with the power of cloud technology, the Celtics have transcended the limitations of traditional IT infrastructure. With scalable resources at their disposal, they can tackle complex data challenges with ease, empowering coaches and analysts to devise game-winning strategies with unprecedented speed and precision.