SNL Plans To Air Actress Betty White’s 2010 Episode

Betty White
Betty White

Betty White had received multiple offers from SNL to host an episode. She refused for years until she finally agreed on 8 May 2010.

SNL will pay tribute to the beautiful actress by re-airing the episode she hosted. Betty White passed away on Friday. SNL soon after announced that they will be re-airing Betty White’s 2010 episode on Saturday at 11:30 pm ET.

Facebook Campaign Dedicated To Betty White

The episode hosted by Betty White went live on May 8, almost 12 years ago. Jay-Z was the featured musician. Saturday Night Live’s creator, Lorne Michaels was able to get Betty White on the performance with the help of a Facebook campaign. Betty White refused SNL’s offers multiple times but finally caved when the Facebook campaign gained momentum. 

Michael revealed that she had given up after three refusals. When the campaign started, she found it amusing. White started her monologue by saying that she did not know what FB was when she learned about the FB campaign.

The legendary actress was hesitant to accept the offer. She told her agent to thank them generously and then reject their offer. She believed that the world had had enough of her and that she was not needed anymore. Her agent jokingly threatened that if she did not do it he would divorce her. 

The episode saw multiple alums returning to SNL. Betty White featured in several sketches. She played the roles of an elderly woman, a baker, and an inmate’s grandmother. 

White died on Friday aged 99. A few days before her birthday. Her death came as a shock. Celebrities, admirers, and costars expressed their sadness online. Seth Meyers remembered White ordering a hotdog and vodka and was one of the last people to leave the party. 

New SNL episodes will air later this month. The episode hosted by White will re-air on January 1. It will be followed by an hour-long 2019 episode with Eddie Murphy as the host.