Alec Baldwin Express Gratitude To Fans

Alec Baldwin
Alec Baldwin

Alec Baldwin has expressed his gratitude to his fans recently. He has been through a lot of trouble lately. The incident started at the sets of “Rust”. Baldwin was shooting along with other crew members of the film. He had a gun shooting scene that required to be rehearsed. Alec took the gun and fired it casually. 

Things went horribly wrong from thereon. To everyone’s horror, the gun was found to be loaded. The bullet from the gun hit one of the members, Halyna Hutchins. She immediately fell and was rushed to the hospital. However, her life could not be saved despite significant efforts. The shooting was called off immediately. The life of Baldwin changed completely from thereon. A series of investigations followed. Baldwin was interrogated several times. 

Alec Baldwin recently stated his ignorance about the gun in several interviews. He said that the gun should not have been loaded. There was no permission of any ammunition to be present within the set. The police issued a warrant to confiscate Baldwin’s cell phone recently. All these incidents have left him traumatized. Let us learn more about the story in detail below. 

Alec Baldwin Thankful To Fans 

Alec Baldwin has expressed his gratitude towards his fans. He received a lot of support from a number of his fans worldwide. Alec recently posted a video on social media. The Instagram clip was three minutes long. Baldwin spoke about the dreadful incident in the video. He stated that the trauma would continue to haunt him for the rest of his life. 

Alec Baldwin thanked his fans for coming up to support him. He said he was grateful to everybody who showered him with love. Alec asked them to keep supporting him till he gets out of the tragedy. 


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