No Way Home Reigns Supreme In 2021

No Way Home
No Way Home

No Way Home was expected to be big. Well, it did not disappoint the expectations at all. The movie lived up to the hype and expectations to the fullest. It did significantly well both in terms of fan service and revenues. The writing was pretty much on the wall when the pre-bookings saw a huge demand. 

In multiple countries, websites crashed due to the large demand for tickets. Fans were spotted queueing up outside the movie theatres despite the Omicron scare. America has been plagued by the scare of yet another wave of covid. Theatres are taking precautionary measures already. However, the covid scenario could not peg back the Marvel hype. The latest Spiderman flick is well on course to become the biggest blockbuster of 2021. 

The movie has already garnered $1billion in revenue. This is just the second week of its business. The movie has already edged past “Avengers:Infinity War”. The movie is placed second so far in terms of hitting the one billion mark. The number one spot is still held by ” Avengers:Endgame”. 

No Way Home has made several more staggering records recently. This movie has been the highest-grossing movie post-pandemic. Despite the movie not releasing in one of the biggest world markets, China. Let us learn more about the movie in detail below. 

No Way Home: The Perfect Christmas Gift For You

The film has made $385.8 million in its seven-day average. This is also the biggest movie of the Spiderman franchise ever. No Way Home revolves around the concept of the multiverse. A botched spell led to the collapsing of the multiverse. The actors were on point and delivered high returns. Tom Holland and Zendaya were fantastic as always. 

Benedict Cumberbatch as Dr.Strange was a treat to watch. The fans also got cameos from Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire. All in all, No Way Home is the movie to watch out for this Christmas.