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Nancy Pelosi

Nancy Pelosi Announces Events To Mark 6 Jan Riot

Nancy Pelosi, the House Speaker for Congress, on Thursday published a series of events at the US Capitol that would take place next week....
Kevin McCarthy

Kevin McCarthy Has Named Mike Turner For Intelligence Committee Post

Kevin McCarthy, the Leader of the House Minority, went on to appoint Rep. Mike Turner, the Republican from Ohio as a member of the...
Taylor Swift Asks Judge To CALL OFF 'Shake It Off' Trial

Taylor Swift Asks Judge To CALL OFF ‘Shake It Off’ Trial

Taylor Swift is asking a federal judge to toss out her “Shake It Off” lawsuit and we have all the details. Let’s get into...
Dr. oz

Dr. Oz And His Spouse Slammed A Journalist For Unintentional Eavesdropping

A political journalist working for the New York magazine struck gold after they overheard a phone encounter between Dr. Oz and his wife. While...
Proud Boys

Proud Boys’ First Amendment Claims Have Been Rejected

A judge at the Federal level has deemed it necessary for the conspiracy case against 4 Proud Boys leaders to move forward. This would...