Alec Baldwin Aims For A Positive New Year

Alec Baldwin
Alec Baldwin

Alec Baldwin had a rough 2021. He was plagued by all sorts of controversies throughout the year. Things started going horribly wrong for the actor when he was shooting for “Rust”. Rust witnessed the most tragic incidents in recent times.

 Baldwin was supposed to shoot a gun as part of the film. Before the final take, the actor decided to rehearse the scene with the gun. Baldwin casually picked up the gun and shot it. To everyone’s horror, a bullet got fired and hit Halyna Hutchins. 

All the crew members rushed to Hutchins as she fell immediately after the bullet hit her. A pool of blood was seen around her as she was rushed to the hospital. 

Unfortunately, she could not survive and the doctors pronounced her dead. The shooting of the film was called off with immediate effect. Police investigations began and so did the miseries of Baldwin. 

Alec Baldwin had to face a series of questions from everybody. Police interrogations became a regular occurrence in his life. Baldwin also received hate comments from many fans across the globe. 

The latest warrant issued by the police made Baldwin give up his cell phone. His iPhone was seized by the officers for investigating purposes. Baldwin is fed up with all the trauma. He now wants to start freshly in 2022. Let us learn more in detail below. 

Alec Baldwin Sets Aside Pessimism In 2022 

Alec Baldwin is determined not to allow any negativities in his life. He has been highly criticized by former President Donald Trump. Baldwin released a video on the occasion of New Year. 

He stated that many negativities were waiting to wrap him around. He will resolve to ignore them all. Baldwin wants to see the world from a positive side. 

Alec Baldwin extended his gratitude to everyone that supported him. Alec thanked them for standing up for him in his darkest times. The thirteen-minute-long video was posted on Instagram. Alec Baldwin has 2.4m followers on the social platform.