Ted Cruz Urges To Open Investigation On Cuomo’s Nursing House Controversy

Ted Cruz
Ted Cruz

8 Republican Lawmakers as well as Senator Ted Cruz— all of who belong to the all-powerful Judiciary Committee of Senators, have urged Dick Durbin, the chairman to investigate the widely controversial nursing house scandal. The nursing house death scandal has taken the United States by storm. It relates to Governor Andrew Cuomo’s latest widely criticized reports of lying about Covid-19 deaths. A lawmaker also said that Cuomo had threatened to “destroy him.” 

On Wednesday, the lawmakers came together in a letter penned and signed by all. They wrote a request to open a case and investigate, as well as have hearings relating to the Cuomo administration’s handling and lies of COVID-19 death cases from nursing homes. The administration has been rocked with several allegations and widespread criticism for deliberately holding these data back. Ted Cruz was joined by several other lawmakers like Marsha Blackburn, Tom Cotton, Mike Lee, Lindsey Graham, Thom Tillis, Josh Hawley, John Cornyn, and Chuck Grassley. 

Ted Cruz’s Request In The Letter

In the letter, Ted Cruz and the other Senators mentioned that they hope President Joe Biden’s nominee for attorney general, Merrick Garland, overlooks the entire investigation. All of them also mentioned in their letters that an investigation in closed doors will only be very slow and excruciating. And hence, the people responsible for the entire scandal will be able to neglect public accountability. Andrew Cuomo hasn’t directly responded to this request. 

But Ted Cruz’s request in the letter gained some attention and had a representative from the Cuomo administration respond. He blamed him and the others for “distracting” the matter from the Capitol Riots that got a police officer killed. 

Ron Kim, an assemblyman said that Cuomo threatened him by saying he had not witnessed Cuomo’s “wrath.”