Alejandro Mayorkas To Visit Del Rio, Texas

Alejandro Mayorkas
Alejandro Mayorkas

Alejandro Mayorkas, the Homeland Security Secretary of the United States of America gave a statement on his plan to travel to the southern border of the country. The current migration situation in the country is very bad. The administration of Joe Biden, the President, is struggling a lot to handle it. A heavy number of migrants have gathered in the city of Del Rio that is situated in the state of Texas

Alejandro Mayorkas On Migration Crisis

The statement of Alejandro Mayorkas was made on the 19th of September that fell on a Sunday. He stated that he would pay a personal visit to the site. However, the security secretary did not mention the date on which he would be traveling. He further stated that he was in constant contact with the White House. Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas also stated that Joe Biden, the President, was perfectly aware of the situation that was prevailing in Texas as of now. He stated that he had been informed “multiple times.”

As of now, a number of migrants have gathered on the Del Rio Bridge. They all have been living in the makeshift camps. The living standards are poor. The entire place is surrounded by dirt that is only piling up with each passing day. And there is no proper arrangement of basic necessities like water and food for these people. All of this is visible by the aerial tour of the area.

All of these migrants have been waiting to be legalized by the Border and Patrol of the United States of America. Alejandro Mayorkas stated that no arrangements for the coronavirus vaccines were made for these migrants. And this takes place during the time when a public health concern has been raised by the encampment owing to the ongoing pandemic. 

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