NFL Announces Power Rankings 1-32 Poll And Resolutions For Each Team

NFL 2022

NFL had almost 80 writers, TV personalities and editors evaluate each team’s performance throughout the previous season. NFL Nation reporters were requested to come up with New Year’s resolutions for each team. 

NFL’s New Year’s Resolution For Each Team

For Green Bay Packers, with 13-3, it is to help their IR players return. Kansas City Chiefs, with 11-5, it is to re-sign their star, Tyrann Mathieu. With 12-4, Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ resolution should be to improve their health. 

Los Angeles Rams with 12-4, should aim to end turnovers. Tennessee Titans, with 11-5, should resign Harold Landry III. Buffalo Bills, with 10-6, should find ways to seal victory in close games. 

With 11-5, the Dallas Cowboys should resolve to keep Kellen Moore and Dan Quinn. Arizona Cardinals with 11-5 should try and eliminate meltdowns in the second half. 

With 10-6, New England Patriots should not ask Bill Belichick for his resolutions. Cincinnati Bengals with 10-6 should work on Joe Burrow’s protection line. San Francisco 49ers with 9-7 should invest in a good cornerback. 

NFL’s Indianapolis Colts with 9-7, should keep Carson Wentz more consistent. Philadelphia Eagles with 9-7 should resolve to give Jalen Hurts more space. With 9-7, Las Vegas Riders’ resolution should be to reduce the drama. Los Angeles Chargers with 9-7 should upgrade Justin Herbert’s deal after Year3.

With 8-8, Baltimore Ravens should seek to stay healthy. Miami Ravens 8-8 should support Tua. Pittsburgh Steeler with 8-7-1 should find a replacement for Ben Roethlisberger. New Orleans Saints 8-8 should keep more talent around their QB. 

NFL’s Cleveland Browns 7-9 resolution should be to improve their passing game. Denver Broncos 7-9 should work on fixing their offense. Minnesota Vikings 7-9 should look for a fresh start. Atlanta Falcons 7-9 should improve their lines. 

Washington FT 6-10 should find a good QB. Chicago Bears 6-10 should resolve to score more points. Seatle Seahawks 6-10 should strive to be better on third down. 

Carolina Panthers 5-11 should invest in a good offensive line. Houston Texans 4-12 should trade Deshaun Watson. New York Jets 4-12 should get Robert Saleh some defensive players. 

New York Giants 4-12 should resolve to be more competent. Detroit Lions 2-23-1 should aim at winning a record. Jacksonville Jaguars 2-14 should hire a proper coach. 

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