Lauren Boebert Apologizes On Camera For His Bad Behavior At The “Beetlejuice” Performance

Lauren Boebert
Lauren Boebert

After she along with a male friend were asked to leave a performance of “Beetlejuice” last weekend because they were interfering with the performance, Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert apologized. Until security footage of Boebert interfering with the performance appeared, she had denied acting inappropriately. She along with her partner were reprimanded by personnel, according to an incident record, for “singing, vaping, [and] creating disturbance.”

“There is no ideal guide for experiencing a painful and public divorce, which has made the previous several months a difficult period for me and my entire family.,” the congressman posted on social media Friday evening. “I’ve done the best I can to manage it with fortitude and grace, but on Sunday I just didn’t live up to my standards. I’m sorry; that’s unacceptable.

Lauren Boebert Blames Painful Divorce For Public Misbehaviour

Others in the crowd were offended by Boebert’s actions, especially her usage of a vaporizer during the performance. Lauren Boebert first disagreed with vaping and said that she had been kicked out of the performance for being overly passionate. I admit that I loved Beetlejuice, and I apologize for singing and laughing too loudly. Lauren Boebert posted something online.

Nevertheless, the video, which has gone viral via social media, reveals Boebert smoking vapes, puffing into the theatre, dancing while seated, snapping photographs of the event, and flashing the middle finger as she is being taken out of the theatre.

According to an incident report, Boebert said things like “Do you know who I am?” and “I will be going to the mayor.” In a different video, Lauren Boebert as well as her male partner can be seen fondling one another throughout the performance. In her Friday apologies, Boebert avoided mentioning the other video specifically. She did admit to vaping but stated that the reason she had initially denied it was because she “could not recall” doing so.