Ken Paxton Has Been Acquitted On 16 Different Charges In State Senate Impeachment Trial

Ken Paxton

Ken Paxton, the Attorney General of Texas, was acquitted on Saturday in his state Senate impeachment trial, which was an outcome that laid bare all the fierce divides that existed within the Republican Party- one that controlled all the levers of government that existed. For those wondering, this outcome is quite a political victory for Paxton, who is an extremely hardline conservative- as well as a close ally of former President Donald Trump.

It had been mentioned that Paxton had himself cast the 16 articles of impeachment that he faced- which stemmed from multiple accusations of him abusing his office in order to help donors. Paxton, who had been suspended without any pay, was then reinstated in his role quite shortly after the vote when Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick ended up certifying the acquittal. 

Ken Paxton Has Been Acquitted Of All Charges

In a statement that was released by Ken Paxton, the District Attorney stated that the truth finally prevailed. And this was the truth that could never have been buried by mudslinging politicians or the benefactors that supported them. Ken Paxton was proud that they had managed to bring the truth out from the dregs of lie and deceit. Patrick, the Lt Governor of the state, also a fellow hardline conservative and a staunch ally of Paxton, presided over the trial. He ripped into the House and praised the outcome from the dias immediately after he reinstated Paxton. 

However, the members of the House who had pursued the impeachment of Ken Paxton characterized this outcome as a bunch of conservative Senators choosing to ignore the wrongdoing of the ideological ally. Dade Phelan, the Texas House Speaker, and a Republican, mentioned that it was quite unfortunate that the Texas Senate refused to remove him from office.

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