Allison Harvard Pregnant: Competitor On America’s Next Top Model Expecting Her First Child 

Allison Harvard

America’s Net Top Model superstar Allison Harvard has announced her pregnancy with Jeremy Burke, her husband. The actress, artist, and internet sensation announced that she is expecting a boy. Allison Harvard has been on the cover of several leading fashion magazines including Mega, the Philippines’ top fashion publication, ONE, L’Officiel, and WeTheUrban. She has also been seen as a brand endorser for the Belo Medical Group.

Allison Harvard spent her initial years in New Orleans, Louisiana though she was born in the Texan city of Houston. She studied painting in New Orleans in 2009. Her artwork adorns Liza Kuznetsova’s The Story Told At Night, her 2007 book.

Allison Harvard shared the news of her advanced pregnancy as she is expecting the child by February itself. She shared the happy news along with Jeremy Burke. The couple have recently celebrated their wedding anniversary. They shared stunning pics as they hugged and revealed Allison’s baby bump.

Lots Of Love Waiting There: Allison Harvard

Jeremy and Allison Harvard also shared the love that they received through social media. They announced the happy news after Halloween. Fans noticed that Allison Harvard had concealed her pregnancy rather well.

They can barely conceal their enthusiasm. They said that they were excited to be welcoming another member to their family and couldn’t wait to meet them. They said that there was much love awaiting the baby boy. Fans and followers were gushing in their love and excited for the soon-to-be mother and the child.

The couple recently celebrated their second wedding anniversary on October 23. They have since shared their happy married life on Instagram. Followers returned to their Instagram post after they shared news of Allison Harvard’s pregnancy. They commented on how well the model had concealed her pregnancy through her costume.

One user commented that her Halloween character had concealed her pregnancy rather well. Other followers commented how unbelievably happy they were for the guy and said that they would be the best parents and the most loving family.