Amanda Kloots Looks To Rediscover Herself

Amanda Kloots
Amanda Kloots

Amanda Kloots had a tough time adjusting to life. She lost her husband and that impacted her life a lot. Kloots was devastated at the sudden demise of her husband. She stated that it was an unexpected incident that completely broke her. She could not stop thinking about her husband. 

Amanda Kloots said she remained in a state of trauma for quite a long time. It was just recently that she wanted to give her life a move on. Amanda felt that her life had become static. She wanted to invest her time in productive endeavors. 

This was one of the reasons that she debuted for the reality show, “Dancing With The Stars“. This was the 30th season of the famous dance reality show. Kloots appeared at the show for the first time on Monday. Let us know more about the incident below.

Amanda Kloots Appears In “Dancing With The Stars”

Kloots lost her husband recently on 5th July 2020. Nick Cordero, the husband of Kloots, succumbed to the deadly covid-19 virus. Life has been tougher since then. However, to respect her husband, Amanda decided to pursue her dreams. Appearing in the Dance With The Stars seems to be a perfect choice for her. 

Alan Bersten is the professional partner of Amanda Kloots. The duo displayed a breathtaking tango in the premieres of the season. They managed to get a score of 28 out of 40. Kloots got carried away by emotions and opened up about her decision. She stated how she was extremely into dancing. Since childhood, she has always fancied the dream of her dancing. 

Amanda Kloots even had the experience of performing at Broadway till 17. Kloots stated that Nick would want her to live a happy life. By pursuing her passion, she wants to honor him and feel his presence around her. 

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