Amazon Forced To Update Logo That Has Semblance Of Infamous German Leader


Popular online commerce site Amazon rebranded their recently updated app logo after it was reported to resemble Adolf Hitler. The new logo for the portable app version of the website featured a strip of packing tape over a brown cardboard box. However, some customers pointed out that the strip had a familiar cut.

The Eerie Resemblance Of Amazon’s New Logo

The zigzag cut of the blue packing tape over the Amazon smile made it look like a toothbrush mustache. That was the style made infamous by the German Dictator Adolf Hitler. The company has since changed the cut to that of a simple folded one.

Vicky Bullen, of branding agency Coley Porter Bell, talked about the resemblance as being unfortunate. She said that the image of Hitler is so deeply embedded in everyone’s minds, such a logo would be unfit for a company aiming to deliver happiness to the doorstep. Amazon said that the new logo was made with the thought of representing the excitement that customers get on receiving their package.

A series of sarcastic tweets made the rounds pointing out the similarities after the previous logo was updated. Laura Weldon, the founder of Brand designer Studio LWD, commended the fast response from the Amazon team. She said it was a sign of Amazon’s attentiveness towards their customer satisfaction that prompted the quick change to a better logo. 

This is not the first time an inanimate object is thought to have resembled the infamous Dictator. The internet has seen a house in Swansea go viral in 2011. In 2002, Umbro, a major sports brand, was also controversially embroiled in a Nazi connection after a certain product was named after the deadly gas used in the concentration camps.