Joe Manchin Received A Negative Rating In A Recent Poll

Hyde Amendment
Hyde Amendment

Joe Manchin, the Democratic senator hailing from West Virginia is responsible for bringing about one of the most popular measures in the economic relief package. The total amount of the relief package of Joe Biden, the acting president of the United States of America, is 1.9 trillion USD.

What Joe Manchin had done was that he caused the minimum wage of 15 USD hike to decrease. He did this by pushing the leaders of the party to do so through his stimulus vote. The income threshold amounting to 1,400 USD concerning the direct cash payments also got decreased by the Senator.

Joe Manchin Favoured By 4% Of The Americans

There had been a poll with regard to the popularity of the 73-year-old moderate Democrat. It was taken at a time when the debate over checks was a hot topic. The result of the poll came out to be “very favourable.” The total ratings received by Joe Manchin from the Americans was 4%.

There was a survey called the Statista survey. It was taken among more than 1400 American adults. This took place in February, from the 19th to the 22nd.

According to 12% of the participants, Joe Manchin received an opinion that was “very” unfavourable. 17% of them responded to the question by stating that the Democrat was “somewhat” favourable. He was “very” much favoured by 4%. And, 20% of the participants see him as someone who is “somewhat” favourable.

The overall rating with regard to Joe Manchin has been calculated. According to that, his rating is 11% negatively. Not only that but over 47% of the Americans were of zero opinion when it came to him. As per the recent polls, the third stimulus check in the bill of Joe Biden is a very popular provision.

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