Law & Order: SVU Premiers New Season

Law & Order: SVU
Law & Order: SVU

Law & Order: SVU has premiered its latest season. Law & Order is a crime drama that focuses on solving real crimes. The mysteries are usually solved by a special victims unit of the NYPD. However, the officers try to remain very much professional. Despite dealing with the dark side of things, they do not let it affect their personal space. The latest season is the twenty-third edition of the show. It has been hyped up to a great extent. Fans have huge expectations from this season. The premiere show was divided into two parts. The first one was called “And The Emperor Strikes Back”. The other part was called “Never Turn Your Back On Back On Them”. Let us learn in detail more about the show. 

Law & Order: SVU To Axe Important Characters

The brand new episodes of Law & Order: SVU are out. The new season comes with a lot of plot twists and interesting developments. First of all, they need to address the previously lingering issue of sex trafficking. The storyline must be sorted as soon as possible. However, a major development going into the season still awaits. 

Two of the main characters, Christian Garland & Katriona Azar Tamin are likely to be axed. Christian plays the Deputy Chief while Kat portrays the role of a Detective. The season started in continuity with the last season. Detective Amanda and Carisi carried on with their merry-making. Olivia Benson is already on her way to meet with her fellow members. 

Dr.Machado is an innocent person who unfortunately got involved with the sex racket. She panicked as she saw bright lights and before she knew it, she was hit by a car. She suffered a fracture in her leg and was advised to take rest. The new season is packed with drama and action. Law & Order: SVU will surely marvel the fans.