Chris Pratt Rumored To Play Mario

Chris Pratt
Chris Pratt

Chris Pratt seems to have got lucky. He has been rumored to be playing the iconic role of Mario. The upcoming movie will be an animated portrayal of Mario. Nintendo revealed the names of its cast a few days back. In what seemed to be a pleasant surprise, the name of Chris Pratt was announced. He has been signed in to voice for the character of Mario. The movie was been rumored and anticipated for a long time. The structure of the movie started as early as 2017. Other casts that will feature in the movie are Charlie Day, Anya Taylor-Joy, Keegan-Michael Key, and Jack Black. They will be lending voice to the characters of Luigi, Princess Peach, Toad, and Bowser respectively. Let us learn more about the movie below. 

Chris Pratt Criticized Being Cast As Mario 

A wave of criticism hit Pratt as soon as the casts were disclosed. Fans from all over the world pointed towards the fact that the movie did not have a single Italian actor. They even made jokes about whether the actors will follow an Italian style of speaking or not. The audience did not seem to like the casting of Mario. He has also been voted as the worst Chris in Hollywood. 

Chris Pratt is not new to criticisms. He had earlier been heavily criticized for attending a church event. Actor Elliot Page stated that the church was against the LGBTQ community welfare. Pratt clarified immediately that the church was open for all. 

Amidst the Chris Pratt controversy, Nintendo is holding high hopes from the movie. They stated that they believed the movie would appeal to the crowd. The outcome of the movie at the box office will largely direct the future of Nintendo. The movie is scheduled for release next year. 

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