Amid Israel-Hamas War, By Next Monday, Biden Expects To See A Truce In Gaza


Regarding the Israel-Hamas war, US President Joe Biden expressed his desire for a truce by “next Monday,” even if health professionals estimate that 30,000 people have died in Gaza. During a visit on Monday at an ice cream shop in New York City with comic Seth Meyers, Biden was asked when a ceasefire may start. “Well, I hope by the beginning of the weekend, I mean, the end of the weekend,” Biden said. We’re near, my national security adviser assures me. We’re not quite done, but we’re close. And by Monday of next week, I hope, we’ll have a cease-fire,” Biden continued.

The parties to the negotiations are getting closer to an initial agreement that could end the fighting and result in the release of a group of Israeli hostages, according to two sources familiar with the talks. Earlier on Monday, the media reported that Hamas had conceded several important demands in the course of talks for a hostage agreement and a cease-fire in Gaza after Israel claimed that its stance was “delusional.”

Hamas’ Requirement For The Number Of Palestinian Soldiers Have Been Declined

After the US, Egyptian, and Israeli intelligence chiefs met in Paris on Friday, along with the prime minister of Qatar, “the main challenges regarding Hamas’ insistence on the complete departure of Israeli soldiers and the end of the conflict have been overcome,” a senior Biden administration official reported. The person said, “Hamas’ requirements for the number of Palestinians [prisoners that would have to be freed] have declined.”

Before reaching a consensus on the first section of a settlement, Hamas loosened its stance, according to a diplomatic source with knowledge of the negotiations. However, it is anticipated that additional difficult obstacles would surface later when complicated matters such as Hamas freeing male IDF detainees and a cease-fire are considered.