Eric Clapton Drops New Anthem That Is Against COVID Vaccination and Restriction

Eric Clapton
Eric Clapton

Eric Clapton has been recently known to be a big protester against vaccines and has reportedly released an album that apparently features a rant against the vaccine and the restrictions of the pandemic.

The anthem features a music video that is animated. Clapton has included a puppeteer and protest signs to be shown to the audience.

Eric Clapton can be heard signing in the song that he cannot take this virus and the lockdown any longer and that it has reached its peak limit.

He speaks about the side effect that he himself experienced after he got vaccinated. He labeled the struggle to cope with the virus vaccine as disastrous and dangerous. While most people did not have to suffer from the vaccine doses, a few of them were difficult to get through. Eric Clapton shared that his reactions lasted a massive 10 days. The legendary guitarist mentioned that his feet and hands were either numb, frozen, or burning. He stated that the situation made him consider not being able to play anymore. 

Eric Clapton mentioned COVID-19 to be propaganda, and the vaccines are merely an agenda that can aid the government and the other parties concerned with the same.

Eric Clapton Denies Shows That Asks For COVID-19

In the previous month, Eric Clapton announced that he would not perform at any venue that checks the audience and the crew for COVID. He stated that unless all people are allowed, he would have the authority to cancel a show. 

Eric Clapton is on a schedule to perform in Louisiana, Texas, Florida, Georgia, and Tennessee in the coming month. All these states have a few of the highest rates of runaway in COVID-19 cases within the country. 

According to healthcare personnel, the side effects that are experienced from the vaccination are minimal in comparison to the lives saved by the same.

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