Abortion Bill Likely To Be Passed?

Abortion Bill
Abortion Bill

Abortion Bill has been one of the important talking points in America. In order to boost up the health facilities for women, this bill is highly sought after. The good news is that the White House themselves seems to be supporting this. 

They have proposed an endorsement that would most likely play a crucial role in passing the bill. The proposed bill has been termed revolutionary. It aims in ensuring the process of abortion for women. On the other hand, the Supreme Court has imposed new restrictions on reproductive healthcare choices. 

The change of policies from the federal government will be a welcome decision. Joe Biden has promised the female sections to look after the matter seriously. He also stated that the government will find ways to protect the Roe v Wade rule. 

Abortion Bill Encouraged By The Government

The announcement made most of the citizens very much happy. The Democrat party is highly hoping for the abortion bill to work favorably. However, the reality is much different. Any passage of the bill by Congress will be a tough ask unless the Republicans get involved. The mere addressing of this issue by the Republicans will make the scenario even more intense. 

The attack on Texas had made the citizens scared and concerned about the protection of their rights. An official announcement from the White House echoed the same concern. They said that it is very much needed to boost access to the health and welfare of women. The announcement also stressed the welfare of the female group. It stated that it is pretty much important for the progress of the country. 

Abortion Bill is highly expected to get the nod. The abortion bill will aim to empower independent women and also provide protection to the needy. The government clarified their stance stating that the women of America cannot go backward.

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