Governor Andrew Cuomo Gets Interrogated By Investors On Saturday!

Andrew Cuomo
Andrew Cuomo

Many women have accused Andrew Cuomo, Governor, New York of sexual harassment and misconduct. Embattled Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo was grilled by investigators on Saturday about accusations related to sexual harassment and sexual misconduct. 

There Are Over Half Dozen Allegations On Andrew Cuomo Of Sexual Misconduct!

There are over half a dozen allegations of sexual harassment and misconduct by several women on Cuomo. Outside lawyers introduced by Leticia Jenkins, Attorney General, questioned Cuomo regarding these allegations. The questions were asked under oath. This is according to several press reports of the interrogation.

At least 8 women have come forward and accused the Democrat of New York of sexual harassment and misconduct including creating an uncomfortable environment at work, inappropriate remarks, and unwanted touching for female staff members. Lindsay Boylan, the former aide of Andrew Cuomo, was the 1st woman to level accusations of wrongdoing against the governor in December. She alleged that in 2018, Cuomo attempted to kiss her lips inside his office in New York. 

Since then, many other acquaintances and aides have gathered their courage to come forward and accuse Andrew Cuomo of sexual harassment and misconduct. The accusations involve Cuomo grabbing them without their permission or consent, questioning them inappropriately regarding their sex lives, and propositioning them. The investigators after speaking to the accusers of Cuomo said that only the last stages of the investigation are left to be completed.

One spokesperson of Andrew Cuomo didn’t want to comment on the interrogation of Saturday! Previously, Cuomo has always managed to deny these accusations. In May, Cuomo said that he has already told the people of New York of his position regarding the accusations. He also declared that he will not be resigning anytime soon!

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