Washington Nationals Game Halted By Shooting Outside Stadium!

Washington Nationals
Washington Nationals

A game of the Washington Nations was halted due to shooting outside the stadium. Saturday night’s game was halted by shooting that led to chaos inside the stadium. Chaos erupted across the stadium with fans taking cover or fleeing from the stadium. On Saturday night, at 9:30 pm, there was a violent shootout between 2 people in 2 cars. 

Stadium Officials Of The Washington Nationals Failed To Provide Appropriate Instructions!

Three people got injured and are fighting for their lives. Among those three people, there was a lady who was watching the game standing outside the ballpark. She got hit. The rest of the victims were inside the cars when the shooting happened. They were later taken to the local hospital. They had gunshot wounds. This is according to the cops.  At 10 p.m. the police tweeted that there appeared to be no threat of a shootout at that moment. They also added that the match between the Diego Padres and Washington Nationals was suspended. At 9:30 pm people heard loud bangs coming from outside the 3rd base gate. 

The incident took place when the teams started leaving the pitch in the 6th inning. Then people heard a collective cry of panic from outside the 3rd gate. Following the mayhem, Stephen Lyons, 20 years old fan of Washington Nationals told the Washington Post over the phone. She took a seat inside section 111, close to the 3rd baseline. She is a college student. She added that after loud bangs were coming from outside the 3rd base gate, people started moving in all directions and panic ensued due to lack of instructions from the officials. The officials present at the match between the Diego Padres and Washington Nationals didn’t instruct the fans over the loudspeakers!