Tom Rice Comes Under Criticism For Voting Against Donald Trump

Tom Rice
Tom Rice

Tom Rice, one of the representatives from the Republican party took an action that shocked everybody. Even after being a Republican, he voted for the impeachment of the former president of the United States of America Donald Trump.

This came after seven days of him objecting to the defeat of the former president in the 2020 presidential elections. He is the representative from South Carolina. This action of Tom Rice, against Trump, has made him the only US Congress member to take such a step. All of his colleagues were of the view that he did not intend to do so.

Tom Rice Vs Other Republicans

According to the representative, his phone started ringing right before he made his exit from the Capitol building. The one to call him was Whip Steve Scalise, the House Republican from Louisiana. Whip Steve was among the ones who thought that Rice had no intentions of doing so.

This action of the Republican is not very likely to go uncriticized by the supporters of the former President. He is expected to pay the price for casting the vote. In the weeks that followed, many Republicans took different actions against Tom Rice. He has been facing the threat of being opposed. Not that that but there have also been campaigns launched against him. It is a known fact that almost 60% of the district based on Myrtle Beach are the supporters of Donald Trump.

However, Tom Rice has shown no regrets when it comes to what he did. He gave a statement with regard to the matter. He stated that with every information he read, his anger for Trump only got worse. The Republican also added that he has had second thoughts concerning the votes that were very close. However, he was pretty sure about this one.