Trump’s Disagreement With Congress Puts Unemployment Benefits In Danger

Unemployment Benefits
Unemployment Benefits

Several citizens will face government unemployment benefits as a repercussion of the tiff between Congress and Trump. The row took place because of the COVID-19 alleviation law endorsed by the House and Senate. Twelve million individuals will lose advantages through two plans established under legislation. 

One plan aims to eliminate benefits to gig laborers and others not fit for conventional unemployment. The second plan to eliminate 100% government investment for benefits for those who are unemployed for a longer time.  

It is estimated that 7.3 million individuals who gained from the first plan are not secured by regular unemployment and will have to surrender their unemployment benefits. 

 Unemployment Benefits Jeopardized

Surprisingly Trump announced after the bill passed, that he stands against it. Trump picked out faults with direct payments that were part of the COVID-19 relief plan. He said the $600 payments should be increased to $2,000. 

Republicans in Congress had stood against the increased unemployment benefits payments.

Trump found fault with spending allowances in a $1.4 trillion omnibus spending bill attached to the COVID-19 relief package that will provide money to the government in October. The allowances he stood against were supported by the authorities while negotiating.  

The government will cease to work unless Trump signs the package or the Congress comes up with another plan to keep funding the government.

It is a possibility that Trump could reject the plan and not act at all. This would result in the unemployment benefits being eliminated. There is also a possibility that he may sign off on it, despite his grievances. Several Conservatives in the White House and Senate have encouraged him to do so, while others discouraged it.

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