CIB Receives A “Hold” As Its Average Stock Rating


The analysts of Wall Street made expectations with regard to announcements of the earnings of the company, CIB or Bancalombia S.A. According to Zacks Investment Research, the leading research firm, the announcement will be of the EPS or 0.10 USD per-share earnings that is for the fiscal quarter of the present.

CIB Stock Figure Details

Zero analysts have calculated the estimations for the earnings of CIB. The EPS of the lowest grade is estimated to be 0.32 USD while the estimation for the highest EPS is calculated to be 0.13 USD. The EPS rate shared by the company itself for the ongoing quarter of the year 2020 was 116.7%. The given rate pointed towards a “year over growth rate” which was negative.  It is reported that the results of the next earnings of Bancolombia will be given out on the 18th of March that falls on Thursday.

As per the reports of Zacks Investment, the earnings for the full year for the CIB is expected by the analysts to be 0.52 USD per share. This is for the financial year 2021. Additionally, the estimations for the EPS are said to fall between 1.68 USD to 2.10 USD. It is to be noted that the EPS calculations carried out by Zacks Investment Research are mean average figures. All of it is based on the research analysts from the sell-side survey that gives coverage to the company.

The rating of CIB was degraded by Zacks Invest Research. It was reported on the 26th of February which was a Friday. It received a sell rating form a hold. A total of three analysts of the equities research gave a sell rating to the company. And another three analysts rated a hold to the CIB stock. The average rating that is calculated with regard to the stock of CIB is of a “hold.” Following this, the price target for a consensus is 34.00 USD.