Andrew Cuomo Reveals Future Political Plans

Andrew Cuomo
Andrew Cuomo

Former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo outlined his future plans after his political wilderness for a year following in disgrace. Among his to-do list appears to be an initiative for gun safety, a weekly podcast, and the formation of a political action committee (PAC), a 527 organization or group that is a form of organization that is exempt from taxes and is created to influence the selection, nomination, and election to public offices.

The once formidable Democrat, who stepped down over allegations of sexual harassment last year, released an 8-minute video and claimed to have gained a fresh perception of politics as he drifted on the fringes for a year.

In his re-introductory speech, Andrew Cuomo did not refer to the period when he was forced out of politics. But he spoke about an intensely polarized nation and took pot shots at the prevalence of a mob mentality and the cancel culture that has pervaded social media. He blamed both for his hibernation from the political scene.

He said that he has seen the extreme forms of opportunism and politics. But he also said that he has been fortunate to have witnessed the best of service and government. Andrew Cuomo said that he was better off for that, and he wants to push on and concentrate on issues that are truly important.

Andrew Cuomo Delves Into Specifics For The Future

Andrew Cuomo offered fresh insight into his new PAC. He said that he would strive to bring the right people into office. He said that we need more producers than panderers. He did not specify if he would try to transfer part of the $10M that are part of his previous campaign account. He would need that to jump-start his PAC.

Cuomo had garnered national praise for his able leadership during the pandemic and immediately after. But then he was mired in multiple scandals that in the end forced him to resign in August last year.

His eventual downfall was accusations of sexual harassment by several women which was corroborated by an inquiry leading to 5 criminal inquiries. He also came under criticism for allegedly undercounting the number of deaths caused by the pandemic. he was also accused of using state resources to produce his memoir about the pandemic.

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